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Royal Flora Ratchapreuk'2011 - National and International Symposium

Location/Venue : Ratchapreuk Royal Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Project Owner : The Ministry of Agriculture by Department of Agriculture

# Symposium
1 The Role of Agriculture and National Resources on Global Changes
2 International Harmonization Workshop on Standards for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables for Asian Countries
3 Training of Trainers Program on Horticulture Chain Management to reduce losses and improve safety and quality for GMS countries
4 2011 IRRDB International Rubber Conference and Annual Meetings
5 22nd Congress of International Sericultural Commission (www.inserco.org)
6 The International Symposium on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
7 3rd The International Symposium on Papaya
8 The International Symposium on Tropical and Subtropical Fruits
9 The International Symposium on Orchids and Ornamental Plants
10 The 12th SABRAO Congress "Plant breeding towards 2025: Challenges in a rapidly changing world
11 The International Symposium on Banana
12 Regional Symposium High Value Vegetables in Southeast Asia: Production, Supply and Demand
13 International Conference on Tropical and Sub-tropical Plant Diseases
14 The 1st ASEAN Workshop on Arabica Coffee
15 National Plant Protection Symposium
16 Mushroom Symposium
17 Lotus Symposium
18 National Horticultural Symposium
19 Coffee Symposium
20 Coconut Symposium
21 Citrus Symposium

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